I'm Brad.


I'm a registered dietitian with an academic and clinical background in exercise and mental health.

From adventures with friends and fishing with my family and growing veggies with my Mum, I owe a lot to my upbringing in Central Otago.

I was also New Zealand's first dedicated mental health dietitian in a nutritional psychiatric facility where I gained a real appreciation for what people are truly capable of when given the right tools and support.


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BSc, BPhEd, MDiet, NZIS PT cert, ISAK level 1 cert

I'm a registered New Zealand dietitian, exercise scientist and personal trainer with experience in clinical mental health.

I have 10 years of academic study at the University of Otago, I've published academic papers and the way I work with you is to provide everyday life applications based on scientific evidence.



With my expertise, you can:

  • Be released from the constraints of typical dieting and exercise regimes

  • Strive towards new health and fitness goals

  • Improve your mindset towards nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits

  • Strike out on your own and begin to improvise


Growing up in Arrowtown, I draw inspiration from my education, interactions with colleagues, and learning from my own journey.

You can look forward to one on one sessions with me where where I will help you implement your skills as you learn.

It’s about changing yourself for the better and keeping it that way.